Marine forest species deployment

We have started the deployment of the marine forest species grown in our laboratories on the coast

Public Perception of Marine Forests

Does the public know what a Marine Forest is? What is their perception of the ecological, economic and social importance of Marine Forests?

Laminaria hyperborea cultivation

Blueforesting is testing active restoration techniques under different scenarios as a reliable nature-based solution to restore and protect degraded marine forests

How strong is the upwelling on the Northern coast?

The Northern Iberian coastal shores host the last meridional kelp and marine forests in Europe

Unravelling subtidal kelps’ distribution

How large our Marine Forests are at present?

Long-term intertidal monitoring

Long-term monitoring data is key to understanding trends over time and impacts from, for instance, climate change

BlueForesting researchers spreading their work

The researchers Bianca Reis (CIIMAR) and João Franco (ILP-Leiria & Mare) presented part of the BlueForesting work at the 2023 International Temperate Reefs Symposium

BlueForesting 1st annual meeting

The BlueForesting 1st annual meeting was held in Leça da Palmeira, where the partners from Portugal and Norway discussed the progress of the work

BlueForesting researchers spreading their work

Richard Bellerby (NIVA) presented part of BlueForesting work at the ECSA 59

Meet our project in 60’

BlueForesting project was present at CIIMAR’s Open Day, spreading the importance of protecting marine forests and other benthic ecosystems